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Getting Ready for Winter Driving at O’Brien Nissan of Bloomington


At O’Brien Nissan of Bloomington, we understand just how important it is to be fully prepared for winter driving. Whether you’re driving a pre-owned or new Nissan vehicle from our Nissan dealership near Normal or from somewhere else, our team of car service experts at our Nissan Service center can get your car prepared to take on the Illinois winter. You can also always count on our Nissan dealership near Peoria for exceptional deals on great Nissan vehicles such as the Nissan Rogue or Nissan Altima. Head over to our Nissan dealership today where you will experience great service for your car needs.


Winterizing Your Nissan Car


Residents of the Bloomington, IL area know all too well the intense midwest winters that run through town each year. In order to make sure you stay safe while driving among the cold, snowing weather is to winterize your Nissan vehicle at our Nissan dealership. We have all the best parts available for your Nissan to equip you to make it through the winter season in your Nissan car. Some things that you can start doing now to get your car winter-ready include keeping your gas tank at least half-way full, making sure your wiper fluid is topped off, and keeping your tires at the right air pressure levels.


How We Can Help Winterize Your Car


One of the best ways to get your Nissan car ready to traverse through the winter weather is to get winter tires. While your car may be equipped with all-wheel drive, winter tires will give you the optimal grip and control over your vehicle during harsh winter storms. We make it easy to find just the right winter tires for your vehicle at our Nissan OEM parts shop. We can also equip your vehicle with sturdier windshield wipers that can handle the weight of snow packed onto your vehicle. When you visit our Nissan service center in Bloomington, we will also be sure to check your antifreeze levels, the integrity of your defrosters, and the quality of your car battery. Our technicians are thorough, knowledgeable, and time-efficient and will make sure that your vehicle gets winter-ready and that you get on your way in a timely manner.

Whether you are looking for a great new Nissan vehicle near Springfield or you need expert car maintenance to get you ready for driving in the winter, our Nissan dealership in Bloomington is the place to trust.