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How to Winterize Your Nissan Vehicle

It's a question our customers ask a lot: "What is the best Nissan dealership near me?" With our massive inventory of new and pre-owned cars and our top-notch customer service, we hope that O'Brien Nissan of Bloomington is at the top of that list. In addition to our selection of Nissan vehicles, we also offer our customers routine maintenance and repairs, including winterizing services.

Winterizing Your Nissan Vehicle

When it comes to winter weather, Midwesterners know to expect the unexpected. Snow, sleet, ice storms, and subzero temperatures are all par for the course for residents of Bloomington, IL. These harsh conditions can take a toll on your Nissan car, as well, which is why it's so important to properly winterize your vehicle.

Winterizing encompasses several different procedures, a few of which you can easily do from the comfort of your own garage. For starters, make sure to top off all of your car's fluids, including the gas tank. When fluids get too low, they can freeze due to dramatic drops in the temperature. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on your tire pressure. In fact, most automotive experts recommend keeping the tire pressure 3–5 psi higher than normal during cold weather.     

How We Can Help You Winterize

Leave the rest of the winterizing process to the automotive technicians at our service center near Peoria, IL. We'll start by performing a thorough inspection of your Nissan auto parts, including the battery, brakes, and defroster. We might also change your oil. That's because regular motor oil thickens up as temperatures decline, which can prevent the oil from properly lubricating your engine.

We also recommend swapping out your all-season tires for a set of winter ones. Winter tires are specifically designed to provide better traction, which is incredibly important when you're driving on black ice or snow.

So swing by our Nissan dealership today! We're located at 2029 Ireland Grove Road, which is a short drive from Champaign, IL. Our friendly Nissan dealers can tell you more about the winterizing process and book a service appointment for you. We would also be happy to show you any of the new Nissan cars in our inventory.