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  • Modern Approach to Pricing
  • Hassle free shopping experience
  • Vehicle Pick-up and Delivery
  • Top rated dealership in the area
  • Service Reminders/Coupons sent to you directly to keep your vehicle in great shape
  • Customer focused

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The O'Brien Experience

Got Your Six Official Program Rules

Letters will only be collected between now and February 19. Any letters received after this time period will not be considered. Finalists will be chosen by February 20, and must be available for an interview February 28, March 1 or March 2. Final Decision will be made on March 6.

  • Must be a resident of Illinois
  • Must provide full name and address of the veteran
  • Must include all of the following in and with the letter:
  • Fully describe why a service dog is needed and how it would change the veteran’s life
  • The veteran’s activity level
  • Current living situation
  • Description of the home and other occupants and pets at the residence
  • Form DD 214 showing honorable discharge
  • Letters must be sent to :

Segneri Cane Corso
c/o O’Brien Automotive Team
1601 Fort Jesse
Normal, Il. 61761

  • Must be willing to participate and appear on any and all media necessary to promote the event.
  • Must have a current PTSD diagnosis; proof of Diagnosis must be provided if chosen to be a finalist.
  • Must be willing to actively participate in the training March 10 through November 12.
  • If chosen as a finalist, must be willing to submit to a home visit/inspection both before the selection and if chosen as the finalist, both 6moinths and one year following
  • Must be willing to create and maintain Facebook page for Tuesday for a minimum of 1 year.  
  • Must be willing to research the Cane Corso breed and, if chosen as a finalist, be prepared to answer questions in the interviews.